87 TC into 79 Cobra


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Sep 18, 2019
So I'm looking at a really clean '79 Cobra and stumbled across an '87 Turbo Coupe that's also low mileage. Being an auto it would have the lower 3.73 rear end correct? Does it still have disk rear brakes? Any other parts that would be good to get other than the engine and rear axle?

Also, I assume I would need to do some wiring mods. Can I just get an '87-88 TC manual harness or is there an aftermarket solution that would be better? I searched around quite a bit but I couldn't find anything difinitve going from an '87 into a '79. Thanks!
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Jan 10, 2011
There will be quite a few wiring mods. The TC is EFI, 79 is not. You will want the computer, all the wiring from it to the engine, trans harnesses, etc. You may find it easier to swap in a Merkur or even an early TC harness as the '87-'88 TC harness will have a bunch more stuff that you won't need.

Yes auto 87-88 TC should have a disc brake 3.73 8.8, unless someone's changed it previously. Manuals were 3.55.

You may try turboford.org or stinger-performance.com forums for swap info. Try searching. It's been done before.