Saleen 88 Saleen


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Mar 1, 2010
My buddy just bought this Saleen #605! Car has 84,000 miles! Paxton supercharged upper and lower intake! The car is from Mass didnt know if anyone from Mass has seen the car before or knows anything about it


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sweet ride !!!! i would definatly talk to mike foley or tim cronin they are both from mass and huge foxbody saleen guys tim might have sold the car as new...great guys. i'm from connecticut but have never seen that car....great snag though enjoy it....are you going to mustangs unlimited or saleen nationals in ny?:nice:
Congrats to him, I just bought an 89. Check out the SCOA when you get a chance almost all the fox owners hang out there.

Also, have him call Saleen at 1-800-888-8945 and get his info updated in the Owner's Registery. I just called them today and had my new one entered and it only shows the first owner as a registered owner until now, but it had one other owner who is the guy I just bought it from and he never called Saleen and registered it.