9 Inch Rearend Parts List


New Member
Jul 6, 2004
Northern NY
Does anyone have a complete list of parts to build a Ford 9 inch?I think i will try to learn how to build rearends and I will buy this one piece by piece for my 67.I just need a list or a link somewhere.

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Pick up a Ford shop manual and read through it for the procedure on how to set up a 9" but be warned that you need some special tools that I think you need to procure first, or you could make them like I did. Be warned that the pullers needted to get the carrier and pinion bearings off can run you a lot of money. The Snap on one I use for carrier bearings was $150 many years ago. Sorry that I don't have a parts list. Just take your 9" (or get a complete one if you don't) apart and either order a complete rebuild from Summit or the local auto parts....these come with all the bearings and little items needed to redo the pumpkin. Do yourself a favor and order an adjustable crush sleeve from Currie or Moser because the stock ones just don't work.
It's been a couple of years since I used them but Randy's ring & pinion treated me well. I believe they have a web site and will answer questions. The overhaul kit I bought came with detailed instructions.