9 inch???


New Member
May 4, 2005
San Jose CA
ok the other day i went to my friends junks yard and found that he had 2 9 inch rear ends that he wanted to sell me...
I have a 8 right now so...
but he says that one cam off a truck and the other cam off a lincon car
i was wondering would these go one to my 1967 mustang??
I am new to this rear end thing plz help me out i want somthing that could handle about 600hp to the wheels with out killing the tires...:nice:

Thanks for the help...
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If it measures 54 1/4" inside flange to inside flange then it will work width wise. You may need to relocate the spring perches.
The 9" in my 66 is from a truck. It was in the car when I bought it and I did have to relocate the perches. The knucklechuck that installed it, probably years before I bought it didn't do it and the springs were twisted from being too far apart!