'90 GT start up issue


New Member
May 2, 2005
My '90 GT seems to always die after the first crank (I think this is just when cold). I hit it a second time and it always stays running. Not a big deal, but wondering what this might be.
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Either clean or just replace the IAC, (idle air control valve), located on the throttle body, its a cylinder looking object with a two wire connector plugging into it. All fords tend to have this problem. They get all gunked up with carbon and crap and then the pintle does not move enough to allow air thru to keep the car running at cold idle. My mustang did that when I first got it, put a new IAC on it, never had another problem, along with my 91 bronco with the base 5.0. Same prob, new IAC, problem solved. If you really want, you can replace the IAC and clean out the throttle body, that will be full of carbon too.

Just posted this in another thread...

As far as the double cranking....try turning the ignition on for a sec (w/o turning the engine over) off and back on for a sec, then try to crank. It could be lack of fuel pressure. When I had stock fuel pump that was the culprit for me.