Electrical 90LX Power Window Problems, Passenger Side wont roll down

For my drag car build, I wanted to keep power windows.
Before teardown- the passenger window was acting weird. I replaced the motor and it would roll up, but not down.

I've stripped the main body harness and rewired with a Ron Francis kit as the OEM wiring was in bad shape. I left the power mirrors/locks/windows wiring in place.

Ron Francis has a power window Feed but that's all you get.

If I apply 12v to the Pink wire, my drivers window will go up and down from the OEM switch no problem. The passenger side window switch on the Drivers side does NOTHING. The passenger side window switch will roll the window UP, but not Down.

If I apply power and ground direct to the motor, it will roll down.

Any thoughts?

Picture of connector I'm apply 12v to the pink wire. (Located on drivers kick panel)
12v connector.jpg
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