93 notch: rediculous wheel hop on launch and burnouts


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Sep 16, 2002
Dudley, MA
To start: I have aftermarket upper and lower control arms, they're black but I dont know what they are as they came on the car when I got it. I also have welded in subframe connectors. I installed Eibach drag launch springs, and left the rest alone. The quad shocks are gone and the regular shocks appear stock.

When I burn out, most of the time the tires hop so bad it just about knocks my teeth out. It does it in 1st and 2nd, sometimes but not usually 3rd. This is doing a brake stand/smoke show kind of burnout, not rolling. At the track just trying to get some smoke off the tires I'm afraid its going to break something. I dont usually get hop when I'm going down the road or moving at a higher speed than 20 mph and I burn out, just usually when I'm stopped.

I've had 4.10's in it and I just went back to 3.27's and theres no difference. I've also had 225's, 245's, and 275's on the back, with 16 and 17 inch wheels with air pressures from 17 to 45 psi and it does it with all combinations. Is there something big I'm overlooking or is this not a common thing?
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Those quads definitely got the job done for me. I took them off a while back when I had "C" springs but otherwise stock suspension, and got crazy wheel hop when I floored it from a stop. I put them back on and no more wheel hop. I was finally able to ditch them after installing some el cheapo upper/lower arms from X2C.

If you want to add quads, the hard part may be obtaining the mounting brackets if they're not currently there.
Get rid of the eibach springs..they are junk....when i installed my set my car magically got wheel hop.....put the stock springs back on and its gone.....
i have mac upper/lowers w/no quads....

i was also told the best set up for the rear is stock springs with airbag...
i had my stock pony rims and purchased a set of weld draglites. The new rims wouldnt fit with the quad shocks on there so i was told by a friend, "those arent on my car, you probably dont need them." So we took them off. The next weekend i was trying to do a brake stand, and my wheel hop was so bad i thought i was in san fran during an earthquake. I was told that new upper and lower control arms would fix this, so i purchased a set of non adjustable uppers from steeda ($99), and a set of granatelli weight jackers from summit ($299). The granatelli advertisment said "stop wheel hop in an hour," so i was hoping this would solve my problem completly, and was happy they would only take an hour to install. Well they wasnt b.s.'n me about the wheel hop, it was completly gone. As for the hour install time.......hahaha not hardly. It was the most difficult part i have ever put on a car to date. Would have been much easier if i had a helping hand or two. But the wheel hop is completly gone and just a problem of the past. If you havent decieded on a set of uppers or lowers yet, then i promise youll be more than happy with this set up on your car. Just make sure you have a friend there to help along the way.
In your case I would get new shocks and struts. In my case I had bad wheelhop so i changed my lowercontrol arms. It did nothing. I then changed my shocks and struts and the wheel hop went away, just my experience.