94-2004 Head Comparrison


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Aug 29, 2013
There may be a thread on this.... but I can't find exactly what I'm after...
I have an 01 with a factory modular 4.6 with stock pi heads.... are there any heads from 94-04 that might be a better power or camshaft option?
Or am I better off getting my stock heads machined?

The car has the original motor and only 88k on it. What is the statstics kn the tranny and notor issues from 88k and up? Are there any major issues to look for? What is the motors horsee power and tq peak ammounts in facroy rods.. pistons and seals?
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Are you referring to factory heads? You have the best factory heads that came on any 94-04 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 4.6 V8 (94-95 used the pushrod 5.0 motors so those won't even work in the first place). You could go aftermarket with Modular Headshop, Patriot Performance, Livernois Motorsports, Sean Hyland Motorsports, Fox Lake, etc but you're going to be spending a pretty penny.

I had my factory PI heads completely redone with a stage 3 race port 5-angle valve job, and a completely upgraded valvetrain for $1800 at my local machine shop. They actually flow a bit better than a lot of the companies listed above with the same work done.....but my local machine is known for doing excellent headwork at a great price, especially for Ford mod motors.

These motors are strong. There is a reason why just about every law enforcement agency and taxi companies use the Ford 4.6 2V motors......because they last. Power limits on the factory rods and pistons is right around 400rwhp. Some have managed more and some blew with less, 400 seems to be the sweetspot for them letting go.