94 GT needs CAK for 90mm maf

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I'm putting a LMAF in...couldn't find a CAI for it. I think Anderson has a PowerPipe that may work...but they're kinda pricey, nice piece however.

I'm doing the Fox t-body (75mm) swap with it, here's what I'm going to use;
4 inch od/90 degree elbow
4 to 3 inch step down coupler, Intake Hoses, IntakeTubing, and Intake Clamps
90mm maf adapter and...
a KnN filter from summit

4 inch is overkill...its huge...and it won't be a traditional CAI as the filter will not be in the fenderwell....but works for me. I got some 4inch PVC also, may use it to lengthen it and run another 90 elbow off to the fender...but again, we'll see after it all goes together.

No pics as it isn't installed yet...just sitting on the bench waiting
Thanks. Was hoping to find a conversion kit as it sure does seem like a popular setup. Not real keen on using plastic pvc pipe, would rather have something that looks professional. But we'll see what happens after I get the engine in the car. Right now I have a real nice C&L kit that is 70mm. But I am gonna be pushing 450 - 500hp in this new engine and it's gonna need to breath.
I have the Anderson n/a power pipe, it's 4" and goes into the fender. I like it a lot, but IIRC it ran me $230. There's a guy selling a used one for $125 on corral classifieds right now though, in the Windsor engine parts section.
here is the set up I had with mine until I changed over to a PMAS meter.


Order some 4'' mandrel bend. that is a tad bigger then 90mm a J or u bend should be enough to make an intake... then just get to cutting and welding...




Filter should be sitting about here:



Im only going to a 70mm maf but would like to be able to step up to a lightning eventually.

Just finished up the hole today for the intake like blackvert i lined it with silicone vac hose.
If you want something that looks good, just use your C&L or get a PMAS with a standard Mac cold air. 500rwhp isn't even close to outflowing a 70mm MAF.

Thanks Venom, Adam. Adam - where did you put the MAF at? Is that what I see at the end with the air filter hooked to it outside the fenderwell?

Yea im gonna try to keep it in the fender directly off the filter. So i figure there its not after a bend or anything... Ill see how it goes for tuning. If i have to move it to the bay so be it :shrug: im not gonna weld together the 2 pipes just yet incase this is the case.