94 Mustang idle issue


New Member
May 20, 2021
Hey everyone, new to the forum here. I have a 94 GT 5.0 5 speed with 190 twisted wedge heads, trickflow cam, 30lbs injectors, 75mm throttlebody, longtubes, custom tune with a systemax. Engine was rebuilt over the winter. I’ve replaced TPS and IAC due to hanging rpm in between gears which is now fixed, cleaned IAT and maf. I’ve done a bunch of base idle resets. Now my car drives great but idles at 1400-1500. I have IAC screw on BBK throttlebody closed. On base idle I unplugged IAC and adjusted throttle stop screw until car was barely running. Then plugged IAC back in and holds 1400. If I turn the throttle screw to idle it down I can get it to 1000 but it will randomly die at lights when stopping. No vacuum leaks as well. I do have a tps “out of range” check engine light pop up after a couple mins of driving. Any tips to get this thing to idle right? Thanks
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