94 mustangt just put motor in


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Feb 7, 2010
i have a ? bout my 94 mustang gt if any one can help me just put the motor in will the 2 grounds that go to the fude box keep my car from turnin over and also keep fuel pump from kickin on also there are 2 post to hook the the starter wire on is there a certin one to hook it on cause wen i went to hook bothe wires to the fuse box they started to spark witch told me the wire on the start was on the wrong post am i right the wires that go to the fuse box arre onw white one and one red one also my trans was fine befor i put it in now and acts like its not shift right will that change once the car is started up and the trans warms up also the throw bearing arm is lose it only goes on one way once i put the clutch cable on it should be tight right or should it be lose with the cable not on it
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this makes my head hurt trying to figure out all your problems. dude seriously learn to use punctuation and itemize your problems. we more than happy to help but you have to help us help you.
I'm only going to do this once...grammar and punctuation corrected.

I have a question about my '94 Mustang gt. I just put the motor in; will the two grounds that go to the fuse box keep the engine from turning over, and will they also keep the fuel pump from kicking on? Also, there are two posts on which to connect the starter wire. Is there a certain one onto which I need to attach it? The wires started to spark when I tried to hook up both wires to the fuse box, which tells me the starter wire was on the wrong post. Am I right? The wires that go to the fuse box are one white, and one red. Also, my trans was fine before I installed it, and now it's acting like it doesn't want to shift right. Will that change once the car is started up and the trans warms up? Also, the clutch fork is loose. It only goes one way once I install the clutch cable. Should it be tight, or should it be loose with the cable not installed?

Kids these days.
Wow, the mother of all run on sentences! You should have two wires running to your starter, the big thick red one should be connected to the battery and the little white/pink one goes to the starter relay. You should have a thick cable running from the fuse box to the battery also. Check the fuses and relay to make sure they are good. You should be able to shift the gears with the clutch pushed in no problem. Sounds like something is not right or you need to adjust the cable.