95 Cobra 5.0L PCV Blowout Followed by Failure to Start


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Jan 8, 2019
San Diego

80k miles on this car. On 01/02/2019 taking wife and kids for a joyride noticed smoking coming from engine compartment. I inspected to the best of my knowledge and found no abnormalities so I changed the oil to the proper servicing levels. Took car for spin to see if smoking would return. Accelerated into 3rd and there was an immediate massive amount of smoking followed by the engine shutting off. I towed home. I removed the intake manifold and thoroughly cleaned the firewall and engine of oil that had sprayed when the PCV valve blew. I then replaced he PCV valve, reinstalled, buttoned up engine, and drained and refilled the oil. The car would crank but not start. I purchased an OBD-1 code reader and the following codes were downloaded: 10 (which is not in the book), 064 O- ACT (IAT)/vane air temperature sensor fault or circuit grounded and 111 C system pass. I verified that the fuel pump is operational, it pressurized the system, and I verified this the rudimentary way of using a small flat head to depress the pressure relief valve spraying fuel everywhere. So, I proceeded to replace all spark plugs, wires, and distributor. These plugs were the original and I’m very bad condition (black with gunk on 3,4,7, & 8. I attempted to start car and she almost ignited I heard it hit but then back to just cranking over. I removed the battery to clear the codes and charged for further attempts with ether down the intake manifold although I don’t believe fuel to be the problem, still nothing. Looking for some suggestions if you have them please. I am prepared come tax season to pay for a rebuild but I really hope this isn’t the case. I also see from the maintenance manual that the timing chain may be a suspect. Please advise.


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