95 cobra thinking of converting to carb help please


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Jan 29, 2008
Ok need some more help here i was thinking of converting my 95 cobra to carb.Im sure the info is somewhere on here but figured this may be easier :) .I have a roller 351w i removed from a 95 ford f-150 i have been doing some research and think a carb setup would be cheaper in the long run when doing upgrades.

Right now my engine bay is completely stripped and getting ready for paint.A friend of mine has a a decent carb and a 351w air gap intake and a fuel cell i can get fairly cheap.I am concerned about the abs,gauges,air bags, ignition (dist) and so on with the electronics.I see a few post talking about fox body conversion's but really nothing on a sn95.

I know about the fuel pressure thats why im thinking of using a fuel cell and a carb style fuel pump but thats about as far as i get :rolleyes: I really need a list of what it will take, i have nothing from a stock 94 to 95 gt 5.0 to convert so im starting with nothing other then a t-5 and a 95 351w roller motor complete.and the stock wiring and ecu from my cobra.plus a really built rear end and suspension :D .

Any help would be great thanks in advanced.
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UPDATE i just purchased a 408 stroker kit for this 351w roller and now really am considering this conversion i am still worried about the air bags ,abs,and gauges working any help would be appreciated especially from someone who has done a carb swap on a sn95 stang.Thanks again in advanced for any help i can get.:SNSign: I will have pics up tomorrow of the car and stroker kit.
I hope so that would be great i think this conversion will be good for me. upgrading on the fi seems to get so expensive with things like ,ecu,injectors,tuning,fuel delivery and so on.I have no emissions to worry about so no cats and 1 chamber mufflers threw long tube headers is what i am going to be running no smog.
This should be fun :)
i was going to convert my 410 to carb, but the wife is insisting that i sell the car (the stang) so that i can keep the fairlane, so the carb swap is off and i probably won't do much more other than getting it ready to sell

so now i have an rpm air gap lower for a 351, a 750 holley carb, holley blue pump, holley fuel pressure regulator, a cartech gas tank pick up and a bunch of other stuff for the swap that i won't be needing anymore. i had collected pretty much everything for it. i even have the fuel filter. $800 shipped takes it all

call me at 240-277-6026 9am-5pm to talk about it or send me an email at [email protected]
Changed plan's again now going with a 351w non stroked and a vortech v-1 carbed threw a paxton carb hat.Got 3 pulleys with it a 6lb a 9 lb and a machined 20lb im thinking of going with the 9lb and the holley double pumper carb.Also has a mallory fuel pump and regulator supplying the fuel.
To me fuel injection is a tad expensive a gt40 lower or edlebrock for my 351 w is alot alone.Not to mention the chip ,programming, bigger injectors, calibrated mass air flow sensor, bigger fuel pump, after market upper ,bigger throttle body, and so forth ads up quick.At least with the carb ad some fuel adjust the timing there you go.just seems cheaper in the long run.