95 GT mspnp2 help


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Jan 11, 2022
New York
Need some help with mspnp2 on my 95 GT. I can’t get the idle to stay steady. Rpm jumps around and it’s driving me insane. Checked numerous times for vaccum leaks, timing it set at 12* base while “fixed”. Sbe 302, gt40 iron heads, 1.7rr, Anderson n-21 cam, longtubes, explorer intake, 30lb injectors, adjustable regular(40-41psi), trickflow elbow, 75mm tb, T5, mtxl wideband. Wondering anyone can shed some light or give me some better starting points. Thanks
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SN Certified Technician
Mar 2, 2015
Can you post your tune file ? Can you post a data log ?

In my personal experience I had to change the IAC setting to inverted. A bunch of Mustangs need it set to inverted. My idle would increase as the car warmed up and would oscillate. A91what was huge in straightening my car out.