95 Steering Column Questions

Good morning,

I have a 95 mustang that i need to pull the steering column out of (Ignition Actuator is broken). I found the 4 nuts/bolts that hold it up under the dash, but my question is about the knuckle connector (if that is what it's called) it connects the column to what I'm assuming is the steering shaft. There are two bolts one is a normal hexagonal bolt which is closer to the column, and the other is a torx bolt closer to the firewall that I don't have a bit for. I'm just curious if it's ok to take that normal bolt out to disconnect the column from the shaft. I'm also not sure if i'm overlooking anything. On the side with a normal bolt there is a spring, and some kind of slotted disc i dont want them to fall off if i take the knuckle off from that side. I've looked around other forumns and my haynes repair manual but I can't seem to find any documentation about steering column removal.

Also, would a 03 steering column fit my 95? Looking at pictures online they look almost identical.

Sorry for my ignorance,
Thank you
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