Engine Alternator Bracket / Water Pump


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Mar 20, 2017
93 mustang gt 302 5 speed. Currently I am running only the130 alternator/ water pump and crank. I bought an alternator bracket from amazon and removed the stock bracket with the tensioner. Now I’m also going to be converting to electronic fans. My issue is now, since my belt routing will be different I had to get a cw water pump. Got one from an 89 crown Vic, I hear the stock mustang smooth water pump pully will work I would need to open up the bolt holes a little to mount it to the water pump. Does this all sound like I’m going in the right direction? If not what pully should I use? Any pictures from anyone’s setup like I have? I wanted to remove as much as possible near the alternator because in fall I start installing an on 3 turbo kit.
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If you are running the ribbed side of the belt on a smooth pulley it will slip, get a pulley from a crown vic or f150 with the ribs, that would be the standard rotation water pump pulley.
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I did mine like this. I used a March alternator bracket kit and the normal Fox water pump and pulley. No sense making it difficult. It ran this way for about five years with no problem.

I may do that. Just don’t want to waste more money
Always good to have options. Btw...The belt is a 39" belt when using an underdrive crank pulley (which I wouldn't do now). The setup would actually work better with a stock crank pulley since it would give you a little more belt wrap on the waterpump.