97 cobra ticking...still...HELP PLEASE


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Mar 16, 2004
Boscobel, WI
i have a 97 cobra..when you start it it makes a ticking noise..sounds like a lifter noise but i have just replaced the lifters,rockers,injectors and imrc box. i replaced the imrc box first and the noise was still there (could it be the imrc plates themselves??)..the car has a 4r70w in it so i didnt really want to loose anymore lowend by deleting them..so then we replaced lifters,rockers and injectors..they all looked fine but thought just incase..at idle it you can really hear the tick but if you bring up the rpm's a little it starts to go away..i dont know if anyone has heard of this problem or not but it is startin to t me off..any suggestions would be great and greatly appreciated
the car has cobra crank,eagle rods and je pistons..full mac exhaust..k-member..4.10's..msd wires..frame connectors and a baummanator for the tranny
thanks for any help, mike
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ticking noise

i have a 98...no doubt it's the tensioners.i had mine replaced.i too thought it was a lifter or a valve,but i was wrong.you need to take it to someone who works solely on mustangs and he'll tell you.this is very common in 96-98 dohc's.
The dohc 4.6 in my old MarkVIII did that for 4 years. I'd start it in the morning and I'd hear loud ticking for maybe 3-5 seconds and it would go away. Everybody said it was the lifters. I beat on that car for 5 years and never had one problem.
is it all the tensioners or just certain ones?..it doesnt just do it at start up..it just starts to be less noticable when you start to bring the rpm's up..i have another engine out back so if i need to replace the tensioners its not that big of a deal or if they are bad i can order new..thanks alot for the ideas..any other input would be gcool too..thanks, mike