97 Explorer Short Block


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Jan 12, 2000
Ocean Springs MS
Got a 97 Explorer 5.0 short block today a the salvage yard for $75.

I loaned some tools yesterday to two guys who got the heads and told me what it was from.

Couple questions:

Will a C4 large bolt pattern t/c bolt up to the stock flex plate?

Will 80 front dress with a mech fuel pump drive fit on the front end and the front of the crank?

May try to run it w/o a rebuild. Will get it torn down soon.

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You got a few good deals there huh? Not sure about the C4 but I think so, just measure from bolt to bolt diagonally. Yes, it will fit fine as long as you add the fuel pump eccentric and timing cover.

I Look forward to hearing how it went. That's a killer deal on the motor and rear end.
the mech fuel pump will run if you use the correct water pump and timing cover. swap the entire front dress over from the 80 and you will be golden. not sure about the C$ either. I want to say no. The flex plate is 10.5" not sure what the c4 is. Iwant to say 10"