98 GT - whining noise when foot of the throttle


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Sep 23, 2018
Miami, FL
98 GT - 116,5 K miles

When the car starts (cold or hot), I start hearing this whining noise in the front like a supercharger noise. The noise gets a little bit louder when I accelerate in 1st and 2nd but it rapidly increases in pitch when I get the foot of the gas pedal in 1st or 2nd. I stop hearing in when I accelerate in 2nd and upwards, either because of the exhaust or it disappears entirely. What could it be?

It idles well. It does not cause any performance issues. The sound does not increase when I turn the wheel. This sound started after my visit to the mechanic. I replaced the transmission mount and motor mounts and put new caster camber plates. The transmission was not disconnected from the engine, the engine just got lifted a little bit to replace the mounts. Also, the bolts on the rear u-joint were tightened because they were very loose but the sound is coming from the front even in neutral.
My mechanic says it's the drive belt but I have never heard a drive belt whine so loud.

I have a new t/o bearing (6 months old), the alternator is 2 years old. I believe the power steering pump is stock. I have not started troubleshooting stuff so I am just looking for some advice.
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