03 Mach 1 (tremec 5 speed) - Clutch/transmission noise help


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Jan 21, 2023
I am hearing some noises coming from the transmission/clutch bearings that I can't quite figure out, here goes:
1) With the clutch engaged (i.e. not pressed) there is an occasional pretty loud screach/squeek noise, this can happen when the engine is idling and the gearbox in neutral or when driving along in gear. When I push the clutch very lightly it goes away, the clutch is not disengaging, it feels like I'm just barely pushing the throwout bearing against the pressure plate. This seems weird to me as pushing the throwout bearing agains the pressure plate would force it to spin? So I would expect the noise to work the other way around?
2) There is also a noise that sounds quite clearly like throwout bearing noise to me where there is a small rattle when the clutch is engaged.
3) Finally, there is a kind of whine (or maybe more of a hiss, it reminds me of the sound a rowing machine makes) that happens when the clutch is engaged, the car is in gear and I drive along at low RPM. My fear is that's the input bearing. Is replacing the input bearing on these transmissions doable without doing a complete rebuilt?

Are any of these attributable to the pilot bearing maybe? I replaced clutch + bearings on my Miata and the pilot bearing had essentially seized, causing weird screaching noises.

The transmission shifts very smooth otherwise, I recently replaced the fluid and it came out pretty clear without shavings or anything bad.

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Throw out bearing very likely. One symptom may be atypical of another. It all sounds like different symptoms of the same issue. You could change the pilot bearing at the same time to be safe.
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That thing sounds like it's in dire need of replacement. Especially hearing the "hiss" noise. That can be caused from friction material being "not present" anymore and you hear the metal scraping. Not saying that's what it is, but.... I'd get it done/inspected soon before you do more damage. The flywheel may need replacing or surfacing (I prefer a new one) and all the TO/pilot etc. replaced. I like the Centerforce clutches and have been using them for over 20yrs. I use their dual-friction setup. It has a nice soft feel to it, easy on the leg.