98 or 95 Radio in 89 GT


Sep 11, 2005
Moline, IL
I have a stock radio out of a 98 Mustang(casette/cd) and also one out of a 95 Explorer(cd) and was wondering if there was a plug and play kit to install one of these into my 89 Mustang GT.

Any information on where I could get a wiring kit to do this it would be great. Thank You.
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need a little more info about the radios out of the 98 stang and the explorer? did the mustang radio and (slave cd unit i assume) come from a mach 460 setup? did the explorer radio come from a premium sound setup? did the plugs in those cars have one gray rectangle plug and one small black plug or were they different? let me know i have been installing car stereos for 3 years but need to know what type of setups those other radios had. also what is in the mustang (89) now? factory? if so what kind of plugs? if not are the factory plugs still there?
Thank you for replying. Neither of the radio were premium sound they were both just the stock base radio's for the years. The 98 Mustang had an AM/FM/Cassette with a CD player attached below. The Explorer was just a stock CD/AM/FM radio. Sorry I do not have the radio's in front of me to see what the plugs were like but I tried them at one point of time in my 89 and nothing matched. Currently the slot on the 89 is empty with no radio installed and has the stock plugs.
hey sorry for the late reply, as long as the radios you have did not come from an amplified system and your 89' is not amplified then you should still be able to use one of those radios, you just need to buy a reverse harness which will plug into the back of one of the radios you have and an aftermarket harness made to plug up to the plugs in ur 89'. then all you have to do is match the colors from both harnesses and you should be good to go. if you could post a pic or send me a pic of the plugs in the 89' and of the radios i can tell u which ones to get. other than that best buy and circuit city both sell those harnesses and they should be able to get u the right harnesses just bring them ur radios and the 89'.