98 tfs heads or pi?


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Jul 3, 2018
Madison Heights

Ok so I have had this car for 8 or 9 years. Mayne put 5000 miles on it. List of mods:

Nx150 shot
Pi cams
Pi intake
Npi heads with pac springs and cleaned up but nothimg crazy
Msd dis 4 and use its timing retard for nitrous
Sct live wire ts+
Cobra dif and 31 spline axles
Cwnterforce dyad dual clutch
26 spline t45 with cryo gears and carbon fiber synchros
Built suspension with reimfprced torque boxes, full lengtj subframes, mm lowers qa1 uppers, upr k member coil overs
Full exhaughst including long tubes, o/r H, magnaflow catback

I am pretty sure I have maxed out my short block.... however its supwr healthy and I am poorish. I keepimg getting walked by coyotes, ever so slightly. Does anyone have any experience with trickflow heads? Could just a cam from cms and my mods finaly surpass the damn coyotes? Lots of money spent and I wld like to keep the short block I have. If it blows 5.3 frpp boss block, but until then...
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Feb 11, 2019
What numbers are you making with that set up?

I wanted to go PI route at first but decided that if I wanted to get the most power I possibly can out of the motor N/A first that I'd have to go with Trickflow.

I have a '96 GT that I've had for 13 years going on 14 soon. I just recently purchased the Trickflow Track Heat Top End Kit 44cc (Stage 1 cams are included in the kit). Along with that install is going to be Hooker Blackheart LT Headers and X-Pipe, Ford Performance High Volume Oil Pump, NGK TR6 Plugs, Ford Performance 24lb Injectors, BBK 24lb MAF, PI Intake, Accufab 70mm TB and Plenum. Parts that I have installed since I've had the car are Flowmaster Delta Flow 40 series Catback, BBK CAI and Stewart EMP water pump. I'm taking it to a well known mustang shop soon to have all that installed and dyno tuned. I can let you know the numbers it makes after all of that is done. The reason I bought 44cc heads instead of 38cc is because I plan on running boost in the future.