98GT Fuel Pump Change To 255LPH


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Mar 12, 2004
St. Louis
Has No One Dealt With This?98GT Fuel Pump Change To 255LPH

:bang: I apologize if this has been beat to death, but its been tuff to find advise on this one. I want to go to a Walbro 255lph High Pressure pump and do away with the add-on inline pump that was added to supply my blower. Its got noisy and will get hot after a bit of driving. The problem is that all I have found for kits go up to 1997, or fit the 99's and newer. What's the deal with the 98's? I assume the GSS340 is the pump to use, but what about a kit that might supply a few pieces needed for the change, or do you just re-use everything? You guys dealt with this? :shrug:
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I can't believe there isn't any knowledge or interest in this subject. Have any of you guys done a fuel pump change, even if not on a 98? It would help to maybe at least get the name of a place that deals with Walbro that has good customer service and I could talk to them. Anything you guys can share I would really appreciate. :confused:
Yo I did the same thing. Ordered a 255 for a 97. Not on purpose... someone told me it would work... Hehehehe It did after I made it. Took my gas tank out and quickly figured out that you couldn't just slap it in. The bucket the fuel pump sits in is like a 99 but it is still a return style fuel system unlike a 99+. So I took the bucket out and took a dremel tool and sawed down this tower on the bucket top. The factory is shorter than the 255. Slapped the top back on and wired it up. Worked great for two years now. The fuel pumps is loud as hell though. I know this sounds simple but believe me it wasn't as easy as it sounds. But it works!

Thanks much for the reply. There is a link on the net I found about the very modification you are talking about. It was on a 98 V-6 car. Wasn't sure if they used the same pump canister, but it sounds like they do. Apparently that is what I will have to do.