A/C system replacement questions

Frumious B.

New Member
Apr 26, 2003
My compressor gave up the ghost. I'm going to eventually replace it, but until then, I'm thinking about disconnecting it. Should I bother or just leave it as it? Do I need to do anything besides remove the belt?

Should I replace other parts of the system, too? Haynes recommends replacing the accumulator at the same time. Seems like if I am opening the system, I should replace the condensor, too. Is there a way to tell if the condensor needs replacement?

I'm not actually sure how much life is left in this car. She's at 177k, and she's had a tranny rattle since about 100k. I want my A/C once summer comes, but I don't want to pour a lot of money into the system if the tranny is on borrowed time.

Also, what are some good sources for parts? I'm having trouble finding a compressor - they are all super expensive. Are there reconditioned compressors on the market? Where do I look?

Thanks, folks.
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