Interior and Upholstery A new project for 69 -70 sports roof .

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Nov 29, 1999
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I have been wanting to make some new interior parts for the 69 -70 sports roof . The rear fold down fiberglass panels i already have ,i found a nearly perfect set to make my molds . This is the first set ,but the next sets will be in black .
Screenshot_20230130-131647_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20230130-131704_Samsung Internet.jpg
the first trick was to find somthing to re texture panels ,i found a texture paint at home depot and its a very close match to original .
Screenshot_20230130-131302_Samsung Internet.jpg
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Now ,i always wanted to make the two small trim pieces at the top of the non folding back seat ,i had two but they were scuffed and painted a couple of times . So i sanded them and retextured them ,now i can make molds from them ,i am planning on a two sided mold so they will be smooth on the back and textured on the front just like original . I retextured the pieces ,they are so small i will probably have to glue them to a block just to make the outer part of the mold .
Screenshot_20230130-131407_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20230130-131449_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20230130-131441_Samsung Internet.jpg
I retextured the large panels ,three coats holding the can about a foot away from the panels allowing each coat to dry before the next . The paint needs to cure atleast 3 days ,then it is pretty hard to scuff .i have these molds already but they have some smooth spots in them so i am going to take my original panels and retexture and make new molds
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I started the molds for the two smaller top trim pieces for the 69 70 non fold down seat . Both pieces will be made in the same mold and cut apart once removed from the mold . Sprayed white gel coat on the two pieces ,this will be the top ,once the top is finished i will flip it over with the two pieces still inside and make the bottom part of the mold ,the new trim pieces will be black