a pic of the Jetta


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Jul 21, 2005
South TX
been messing w/ the daily driver, despite my wallet and fiance saying "Nooo!!" and finally have it to where i'm content:




18 rs8 replicas (already on the car)
eibach sportlines
projectors w/ HIDs
tinted tails/side markers/blinkers
badge-less grill
de-badged trunk lid (left the VW and 1.8T)

not much, but made a dramatic difference, i think. lots of fun to drive to work in :D
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I guess it's alright

If you like those uber cool German rockets. :nice:

Looks great Paul. You gotta find a way that will fly with the locals to get that front plate moved to a stealth location.
Looks real good, those rims are nice!

Just make sure you're using VW/Audi approved synthetic oil in it with a large filter. The 1.8T engines can have sludge problems. I use mobil 1 0W40 Euro formula with a mobil 1 m-301 filter in my 02 Audi a4. I also threw in a bottle of auto-rx de-sludge formula in. Its good to do this if you dont know the maintenence history of the car. www.auto-rx.com
thanks, guys.

turbogt: (sorry, don't remember your name) yeah, bet they're pricey! that's such a sick car--i was drooling over it while watching Iron Man.

JT: hehe, thanks. i hear you... wish i didn't have to run the front plate at all!

Green92LX: (sorry, don't remember your name) thanks for the tip! just changed the oil a couple weeks ago and i did use a full-synthetic, just can't remember the brand. the filter was pretty big--almost the same size i use for the GT (for an explorer engine). do you happen to have a list of which synthetic oils are VAG approved?

Basically the easiest 2 oils to find locally will be the mobil 1 0W40 and castrol syntec 0W30. They're group 3 oils, not a full true synthetic group 4 oil like amsoil but they're fine to use. Change it every 3-5k miles. If you choose to do an auto-rx treatment, either use a cheap dino oil like castrol gtx 5w30 or a group 3 synthetic. Do not use a group 4 synthetic with it as they will have competing chemestries. Its ok to use dino oil for this as it wont be in there for more than 2000-2500 miles anyway for the flush and then rinse.

EDIT: that list is from 2005, its all I could find. The 0W30 castrol syntec I mentioned isn't on that list, but it is indeed approved on the newest list. I believe thats what the dealers use in 1.8T engines.
thanks, Nik. why don't you post some pics of your sweet vdubs?

LOL, sad to say but I didn't really know about digicams until after I got into stangs and out of dubs, but here's a few I've scanned that I have on this pc. Most my cool ones were before I was into taking pics. I do have digicam images of my last dub though. I wish I took more pics when I was younger, I've had about 15 or so different dubs. Just sold my 98, and just finished my 96 and am selling it too.

This was my Senior Year high-school ride, pics circa 1997-1998, take that into account with its styling which is dated now but was cool back then. 91 GLI, VR6, Vortec SC, Schrick Cams, Mucho Headwork, about everything else that was available at that time. First SC VR A2 in the country. Don't mind the garbage can right behind it in the front end pic lol.




Our Shop Drag car, 2 Liter turbo, 11.02 Quarter Mile on a crap suspension back in 1995, before all the front drive drag technology was out so it was a lot of r&d and was before the hondas took over...

The 84 GTI Daily Driver I built last year, sold it to fund my 62' Chebby. Had FULL ABA conversion, brand new car front to back.


The last one or the drag car? I'll poke around and see if I can find any more pics of the drag car, if not I'll scan some more and post em. I always wish I wasn't so low tech back in the day and had a digicam, or at least took more photos. :(