A Stang, err Strange Power


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May 12, 2005
New to this so don't have the shorthand the regulars have but...I need help, or convincing perhaps, for a problem I am having with my unmodified '94 GT. The condition is that I will be driving along occassionally and all of the sudden all the "idiot" lights will come on or blink, all other gages will fluctuate to the extreme, and the radio and clock will go on and off. The car had never actually stopped running in the past, but it did today. Off to the side I found absolutely no indications of power from anywhere (ign, lights, radio). While waiting for traffic to clear to check under the hood I decided to give it another try and she started right up and acted normal the other stop-and-go 20 min to work. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these gremlins and if so what the ultimate fix was. I suspect a bad ground cable on the battery as there is some insulation deterioration already. Other than that, any other hidden culprits??? Thanks.
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Definitely sounds like a ground to me. Check the terminals first since they are the easiest. There are 3(?) grounds on the motor itself if memory serves me right, one is on the driverside going from between the frame rail (in between the front K member bolt and the sway bar mounts, one on the back of the driverside head (I think), and I know there is on on the passenger side motor mount. Those are the only "main" grounds I know of. There are a lot of other random grounds along the core support and such. I hope that helps a little.

Thanks for both replies and especially to the location of the motor grounds as they have been a bit hard to find. I will check all of them out, and replace the already damaged (-) battery cable and see what happens. Of course it is an intermittent problem so hopefully I don't find out at the wrong time that I did NOT fix it. Thanks again for the help.