A4LD question(s)


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Jun 13, 2004
2 Questions about 2 different cars...

1. 1993 Mustang 2.3 Convertible, A4LD (yay)... Trans decided as of 3 days ago , to only engage reverse. Drive acts same as neutral now.. Was not slipping, or anything abnormal before this happened, just started it one day, no drive... Anything I should check for? or should i just get another tranny....


2. 1988 Mustang 2.3 A4LD ... Transmission leaks BAD when warmed up, I cant pinpoint the leak, tranny fluid is everywhere... Is not the cooler lines... Is this the notorious Front Seal Rupture? what would you guys suggest...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!! :nice:
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check the linkages and make sure nothing slipped making you Think its in a gear it really isnt. Other than that.. i hate to telll you but the Auto trannys are pretty crappy. Its very possible it just blew itself out. You could get a LIFETIME WARRANTED rebuild or swap in a 5 speed trans and never worry about it again.

1. Check the tranny fluid. These transmissions often times won't go into gear when they are low on fluid.
2. Yes, these transmissions are notorious for front seal failure. If the leak seems to occure right at the front of the transmission, that is the most likly source.
Despite thier bad reputation, the A4ld isn't that bad. the problem is that this is not a durarable transmission, and they very rarely get maintained properly with regular fluid changes. The truth is that they are fairly strong (joe morgan used to put slicks on, and race with the A4ld). They just arn't terribly durable, and the front seal/pump thing can be a pain.
I got a rebuilt tranny from Certified transmission, and it is working great so far. We opted for the 2 year warrenty, and they have one of the loosed repair/replace policies in the business.
i've romped and stomped on my a4ld for over a year. shift it manually all the time, barely even look at it(just see it when i change my oil). and it shifts like a butter. i dont know if the person i bought it from did any service to it. other than soaking up all my HP, the tranny has been awsome to me.
guess im the only one who apreiciates a good POS. lol :shrug: