Abaco DBX installed car wont run right..


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Jun 7, 2003
Akron, OH
I installed a holley systemax, 50 lb injectors and a new abaco dbx 97mm mass air meter that was calibrated for the injectors before being sent out from Anderson Ford. I have a check engine light coming on saying code 66 missing mass air signal, and also a code 2000 on the PMS which says missing mass air signal. I called and talked to Danny up at Anderson and he verified the DBX was programmed, and the PMS is reading Load voltage so he thinks its just way out of tune now and the 50 lbers are just dumping fuel. The car idles, a little rough at times, revs up fine, but if you try and hold the rpms at say 2k, it just cuts out and wants to die. Car cannot be driven under normal conditions because it wants to stall as soon as it reaches 2k rpm. So basically im gonna take it up to AFM for a retune but kinda want it running right before i go up there, anything you guys got as far as ideas for things to check. Also if i unplug the mass air meter while its running, its does nothing, no change in running condition at all. Danny says it unlikey but not impossible that its a bad meter!!!
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every car is different imo, when i made the switch to 42lbers my car was running way lean to the tune of a 22:1 AFR during the base startup fuel table period to the point i needed to richen the table which is the opposite of what I've heard from other people in the past (although I'm running a built 347 and blower so it made sense). The same thing would happen for me I needed to hold the gas in around 2k so the car wouldn't cut out for about 2 mins until the car warmed up enough to compensate.

your code 66 probably is due to the fact that the car still thinks the stock maf is in the car and the aftermarket meters go below .4v so the car thinks the maf failed. You should be able to play with the abaco software and tune around the maf table for the meter to get better driveability.

Also did you set your idle properly?
No i havent what is the proper way pulling the IAC plug and setting it that way?

yep, what I would do in your case is since u need to have throttle to keep car running manual adjust the idle stop screw on the t-body now so u dont have sit in the car to keep it running, than disconnect the iac connector, the idle should drop about a couple hundred rpm or so, turn the idle down until the car is barely running than plug the iac back in. the idle should jump a couple hundred rpms and keep itself on. Even though most throttle body companies preset the idle screw every car is different and doesn't always react to it's setting. Remember your increasing the air flow to the car just by putting on a new t-body, not to mention with boost the car's idle airflow is higher than before so you may need to adjust for this change.
Yea me too...the shop where my car is, there is a car there now using an Abaco DBX meter the owner of the shop didnt seem that he liked it to much said it wasnt taking tuning right or somthing like that...:shrug:
No its still not fixed, I took off the meter and Im sending it back to Anderson, there going to install it on a shop car make sure its ok. Ive tested all the wires everything seems good. So if its not a bad meter, im at a total loss!! No clue

What would happen if the meter was pegged out??? I thought that only happened under WOT???
Sent it back to Anderson they installed it on a car, and the mass air meter is crap!!! There sending me a new one today. Im glad thats all it is. Said i was the 1st one they new of to get a bad one....Lucky me!!!