About damn time!

lol....got the new summit catalog and guess whats in there!!! the trickflow 2v intake!! $799......its about fugging time, but i still think its a bit pricey.

since its not on their website, here is exactly as it is advertised...

More power
where you need it!

Trick Flow's Track Heat 4.6L 2V SOHC Modular
Ford intake manifold improves performance in the
heart of your 1999-2004 GT's powerband: 1500-
6500 rpm with un-ported heads, or 1500-7200
rpm with after market or ported heads. The cast
aluminum intake features a 75mm throttle body inlet
and symetrical high-velocity intake ports that work
together to increase air flow and distribute it evenly
to the cylinders. The manifold includes hardware,
gaskest, and necessary accessories for bolt-on
installation and it fits under stock height hoods.

TFS-518B0002 Bare Upper..........................each $799.95
TFS-51800002 Silver powdercoated upper.....each $799.95
TFS-51811002 Black powdercoated upper.....each $799.95
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I emailed them the other day. They apparently pushed the release date to March.

I wonder if it'll ever get released... Youve got to worry that they aren't making any power... why all the delays.:shrug:
I'm still in line for one.....I think :rolleyes: If you think this thing is a ripoff, then the Bullitt manifold is even more ridiculous. Yet people put that intake on non-bullitts all the time. I understand the feeling, but at least were not talking $1000+ here. This thing definitely isn't a Typhoon either so they had to ask more money for it. I also just saw that the Hi Performance Solutions intake is being sold for $749, so the Trickflow isn't that far off. If it ends up coming out, they had to have found some power to make it economical to produce for them. The last thing they would do is design, fab and tool for a new intake when it makes squat for power. At lest thats what I hope is the case. Only time will tell... :D
Yes, it could be a bad intake at an even worse price, but there is absolutely no documentation out yet about power increases, etc. I guess we all need to see what kind of numbers come out with the intake. When it comes to these motors, power is expensive. If it makes 15-20 rwhp then thats about the price we usually have to spend to see similar gains :nonono: With the mod motor, the price scale is just different. This is going to be the most economical option for a brand new intake from a company with a large reputation behind it. Any replacement intake less than $800 is from companies with less of a track record. DropTop...my hopes aren't up for this intake or the Edelbrock, but if it comes out and makes power then I may have to look into buying it.