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Jul 18, 2002
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Hey guys, I finally got back to my turbo project after a 4 month break. I am putting an '88 turbo coupe engine into my '93 LX. I finally got the engine in there, now I am having to hook everything up. I have lots of pictures I can post if someone can tell me what program to use to make to them smaller. I am going to have lots of questions soon but here are my current ones.

1. I need to slightly bend my AC line coming from the black cylinder thing in the back of the engine bay (i forget the name) so that the IC will fit. I am assuming it is best to blow torch it and then bend them. Is that ok if I don't discharge the system or should I do that?

2. I need to extend the fuel lines a few inches too. Should I just cut the rubber hose and use an adapters to put another piece in there and use hose clamps? Is that ok.

Any help would be appreciated...thanks

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I had the same problem with the ac lines being in the way of the intercooler... what I did was unclamp the black cylinder thing in the back of the engine bay and push it down as much as i could and reclamped it... then with some pipe wrenchs i bent the ac line slightly so I didnt bust the lines... this gave me enough room to put the intercooler on... the bracket for it didnt line up because it wasnt siting quite right but never had any problems with the braket off...

about the fuel lines.. the 88 engine fule lines should match up with the fuel lines on your 93... I had an 88 engine in my 93 and they matched up and were just the right length...

I guess it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to put the IC on a stock hood. I had thought about cutting a whole in the hood but I do already have a Volvo IC. I don't want to install it yet because 1) i am trying to put the engine in as stock as possible and 2) I don't have the time or money to get a Ranger radiator or tubing.

Rgo, I actually did move the cylinder down but I cant quite get the compressor lined up right. I just need to bend the line a little. I might try some pipe wrenches.

I am not sure about the fuel lines. When I pull them tight I still need like an inch or two to be able to plug them in. I will look at it more today.

By the way, does the fuel line with the little silver cylinder thing plug into the the fuel rail with the injectors or with the return line?

Thanks for your responses...Any more?
I partialy agree with not putting the IC on until you get the front mount because it is not going to do much at all with no air getting to it. The only reason I did is I found it was easier then fabricating a pipe to connect them directly. Mine is coming out just as soon as I get my piping for my volvo front mount which I already mounted.

for the fuel lines are you using the ones that came with the engine? Because thats what I did and they were the perfect size, no modification needed.
And yeah, they only go on one way, look at the connectors on each, they are different.

as for the wiring you metioned in the email, yeah I used the info on Stingers site and followed it exactly and it works fine. As far as I know the colors matched up just fine. If your colors dont match up for the ignition, just look in the Haynes manual and match them up yourself. Spout to spout, 12V ignition to 12V ignition.... etc....