ac compressor


New Member
Aug 30, 2002
My ac compressor is bad so Im putting in a new one. How are the coolant lines connected to the compressor? Will I need any kind of special tool to disconect them? Also, someone told me to replace the orifice tube. What and where is this thing? any tips/warnings?
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I forget exatly where the tube is,best I remember its on the output side of the silver looking can(cant ever remember the name),inside the aluminum tubing.To replace that and the comp you will need a set of gauges and a pump to pull vacumm on the system,Autozone here has those tools on the loan a tool,but be prepaired to put up $300 for them,I had too and of course you get all that back when you return it.But thats the only special tools you should need,I replaced the comp and oriface tube on my old truck a few months back...was pretty simple,just time consuming...mainly when pulling vacum on the system,I let it pull for about 1hr+.And make sure you discharge the system before disconnecting anything!