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Blain Jensen 801-859-9531
Yes I think he is a private seller this time but his dad? has Blain Jensen RV. A dealer in Kaysville UT
Same here I want the car but I have 7 still
These 4 speeds are rare though as you guys know
The cobra badges and the steering wheel and the instrument cluster do not match
You guys would sure know more about that
It's a nice car but it is not Cobra. It's missing the rear spoiler and has the trim on the side. There is a remote chance it's a Cobra but doubtful. It looks like a repainted Mach I. The seats, trim, hood scoop, ac and lack of rear spoiler makes it appear to be a Mach I. Check the sway bars. If it has the fat one on front and one on the rear it was most likely a Mach.

Cobras did not come with the competition suspension where as the Mach's did. You could order it on the Cobra but I have 2 Cobras here and one has it and one doesn't.

If I had the cash and it runs good without warning flags I would buy it. I would be upgrading that fan as soon as it got home. It may be the pics but it looks small. I have a 16" electric fan on Christine. It takes up most of the radiator.
Also, Machs were the only model identified by the VIN. I remember looking at the VIN on their website the other day and they only displayed the VIN from the engine identifier on, they omitted the first 4 numbers. If the third and fourth digits are "05" it's a Mach, anything else and it's not. It also has a specific body code, I think it's 69 or something IIRC.... can't remember now. But the Mach 1s are the only "specialty" IIs that are designated in these ways, all others are not and can only be verified by the buck tag.