Advice on Amp Replacements...


Jun 10, 2003
Raleigh, NC
Well it was a rough weekend. Took the stang out Sat afternoon for a nice drive, and about 15 min into the drive my amp shuts off, and never came back on.

It was kind of hot, so I thought it just overheated...but it has been 2 days and won't come back. I have hooked up different speakers to it, no luck. Changed the RCA inputs (transfered my High's over to test) no luck.

So my guess is its a blown amp!

Ok, so I need to get a new one. My Sig has most my setup in it.

Car can be seen at:

I am looking for an amp to push my one 12" HX2 Dual 2 Ohm VC. Every thing is tightly packed in the back, so I am looking for a COOL running amp.

List them off!
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