Advice on cam selection


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May 1, 2001
Alberta, Canada
I am currently putting a new motor into my car and I don't know what to put in it for a cam. New comb will be:

DSS 331 bullet with 13cc dished pistons
GT 40 with a ported explorer lower
Afr 165 60cc pedestal mount (alittle small but I got this for an good deal) 1.7 cobra r/r
Novi 1000, 8" crank pulley,power pipe. Don't know what the boost will be yet
42 lbs inj, LMAF
1 5/8" long tubes, mac pro chamber, magna flow cat back all 2 1/2"
Aod trans with a 3000 stall non lock-up, trans go shift kit.
3.73 gears, 255/40/17 street, slicks for track

Help me pick a cam. I was looking at trick flow stage 1, E303,F303, 284 HR because I seen them alot on here with blowers. The tfs is the cheapest $215cnd. The 284HR the most $320 cnd, at that price I might as well get a custom cam $430cnd. How much better would a custom cam be and what would happen if I changed my trans to a 4r70w or a TKO 600 later(don't think my trans is going to hold up).
I really love the lopey idle of the tfs stage 1( I've seen videos on the net, have't heard the others) and it's cheap but what would be the best cam?
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