Aftermarket Radio Install Question w/Shaker 500


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May 5, 2019

My name is Lance and I'm new to the forum.

I'm in the process of attempting to put my aftermarket stereo into my 2005 GT w/Shaker 500 setup.

I'm installing a Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS head unit, 4 Pioneer TS-A688R speakers for the front doors and rear deck, a Pioneer D9601 amp, and 2 Pioneer TSW311D4 12" subs.

I have the Metra 70-5521 harness w/ RCA adapters for the head unit, I have 2 sets of the Metra 72-5600 harnesses for the front and rear speakers, and I also have the AFDI-5V adapter to eliminate the popping noise from the built in door subs.

What I'm currently stuck on and can't seem to find out is exactly how to wire everything.

I have the Pioneer harness and Metra harnesses connected together as such (Pioneer on the left/Metra on the right):
Yellow to Yellow
Black to Black (w/ additional ground from the AFDI-5V harness connected in)
Red to Red
White w/black stripe to White w/black stripe
White to White
Gray w/black stripe to Gray w/black stripe
Gray to Gray
Green w/black stripe to Green w/black stripe
Green to Green
Purple w/black stripe to Purple w/black stripe
Purple to Purple

Now this is where I'm confused:
The Pioneer harness has a blue w/white striped wire (system remote control) coming out. I believe that I need to connect that to the blue w/white striped wire on the AFDI-5V harness.

I also need to connect the blue w/red striped wire from the AFDI-5V harness to the 2 blue w/white wires on the Metra RCA adapter harness.

My next question is where do I connect the blue remote wire that connects to the back of my Pioneer amp? Do I splice that in with the remote wires that connect the AFDI harness and the Pioneer head unit harness?

There is an unused blue wire (Power Antenna) coming from the Metra harness
There is an unused orange wire (Illumination Dash Light) coming from the Metra harness
There is an unused orange w/white stripe (Illumination Switch) coming from Pioneer harness

Do I connect the orange wire to the orange w/white striped wire? Do I ignore the solid blue wire?

Thanks for any help that can be offered. I've watched tons of online tutorials and read a bunch of forum posts but I can't quite figure out what to do with those remote wires. Do I even need the AFDI harness when I'm using all aftermarket parts?
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