Ahh help!


New Member
Apr 1, 2010
Hey guys, I just bought a 91 5.0 notch for a side project. Needs a little work but a good car.
So i was messing around with the wires plugged into the thermostat for the electric fan while the car was running cause the electric fan wasnt comming on. Little did I know it just wasnt hooked up to the battery. Anyhow as i was unplugging and messing the wires like a jackass.... at the driverside at the near the firewall i seen some smoke then smell then maybe a small flame or big spark....the car shut off. Now everything seems to be working while turning inserting the key but, the car turns over no problem but no start. I no cannot hear the fuel pump come on and also the engine has no spark...ive replaced the fuel pump relay and it did not help the fuel pump problem...I havent done a whole lot but scratch my head over it. Is it possible i screwed the pcm or computer?? or maybe blew multiple fusible links or relays. The fan is wired into the ignition on clip with a few wires right near the coil. Any ideas as to the probability to the issue. I have a chassis wiring diagram and can go in and check power to wires if i have some ideas of what you think.. any help would be appreciated....thanks alot P.S also cannot for the life of me find and melted wires of burned plastic wire covering from the incident....thanks
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