Air Fuel Question

88 5.0 hi perf

New Member
Mar 30, 2005
is anyone running a gt40 intake and bigger throttle body with stock mass air and injectors? i want to put the intake and 65mm tb on but dont know if lean fuel will make it run bad or unnefficient until i have enough cash to get the mass air and fuel injectors.any help or advice will be appreciated.
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well, don't worry so much about lean. the computer uses teh MAF and 02 sensors to calibrate A/F ratio. it reads X amt of air going in motor, and uses the 02 sensor to see if it pumped enough gas in. if it reads lean, then more gas. you will run out of gas at 5k plus where the stock injectors fuel pump dont really work so well, but with stock heads and cam, you will be fine.
I run powerheads (220cfm+ heads), ported gt40 intake, and a 100 shot of nitrous (DRY) and have never leaned out with my 19's. People underestimate their capabilities.. don't worry about the injectors unless you go with a big cam or a supercharger/turbo setup.
just check your plugs regularly. if they're white, you're in trouble. I couldn't get a good dyno run back in jan because my motor was fuel starving, wouldn't rev past 5100. that was with the stock pump.