Air Silencer


Oct 20, 2005
Hey guys i know this is a stupid question but i was wondering on a 5.0 engine where is the air silencer located? i have taken it off my brothers mach but i dont know where mine is or maybe im just over looking it? i have herd that you should just take it off and ince i had nothing to do i was gonna do it, but i can find it. if you could post a picture up of it or give a desrciption of it and where it is that would be greatful.

- Cody -
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It`s inside the front passenger side fender area in front of the stock air filter box.

Take off the air filter box and remove the 3 silencer mounting nut`s and pull the silencer through the bottom of the fender and throw it in the garbage.

If it`s not there,a previous owner may have already removed it.
If you have the silencer, take pics for posterity - no one has seen one of those things in about 10 years. :rlaugh:
HISSIN50 said:
If you have the silencer, take pics for posterity - no one has seen one of those things in about 10 years. :rlaugh:

are they really that rare? should I put mine back on or just keep it around just for when I sell it or something like that. Alot of people were amazed when I said my car had the airbaffle still in place and that little black rubber piece covering the frost plug on the upper intake. Heck the thing is completly stock minus the gears and flowmasters.
Roland, I would keep it around (not on the car though!). I was obviously exaggerating about how rare they are, but even a ton of 'bone stock' stangs have a K&N and the silencer removed (and long since thrown away).
yea I was going to keep it around just because I'm kinda like a packrat lol. I think I might of noticed a verrrrry slight gain when I took the silencer out but more noise for sure. Hey even it it's a free 2 hp thats 1/4 of what most handas have in total anyway.
That's the idea. It seems to me that it was there for NVH (decibel ratings for the new cars - it's common to use convoluted tubing to silence things up a bit).

I'm with you Roland - I also have boxes of old parts and keep that kind of thing around. I like being able to revert something back to the 'way it was'. :nice:
But if I had a stang with one, I would remove it too. I am such an oddball that my 94 came with a name brand CAI and I have been lookin for a cheap stock set-up to put back in it (or atleast have around).
WilwoodFiveO said:
o thanks guys i will do that when i get the chance now. does it do anything for performance? does it make your car louder?

- Cody -

The silencer is a restriction that sucks 5-7 hp according to the 5.0L Tech & Reference book.

As for making the car louder,some say you may hear a little more induction noise when you really nail it.Personally I can`t remember as I removed my silencer so long ago,very shortly after buying the car.

The silencer is a restrictive piece of garbage that no 5.0L Mustang needs.