Alignment HELP

My car is 2009 mustang GT. ok, i installed the springs, shocks/struts, and sway bars. I have camber bolts, but did not install them due to people on stangnet saying you wont need them with pro-kit.

Took the car to shop for alignment today. i told the mechanic, that if he cant fix the negative camber back to spec, to go ahead and install the camber bolts i had.

He called me after i left and said the camber bolts needed to be installed. they wanted $150 to install em, so I told him not to install them, and just get it as close as possible.

This is the alignment results:

----------------Front left-------------------Front Right
Camber------------ -1.3 --------------------------- -1.7
Caster------------- 7.5 --------------------------- 7.8
Toe--------------- .08 --------------------------- .08

The ford spec for camber is -1.5 to 0.0.

Why were they able to get the left in spec but not the right???
Or are they just being lazy or trying to get more money out of me???
Should i take it to a different shop??

thanks for the help :flag:
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I installed the camber bolts and took it back to shop for alignment.

they got the camber on both the front wheels to -1.3

Is that still too much negative???

i dont want my tires to wear uneven.

is -1.3 ok?? and if not what should i tell them i want it at when i take it back??

thanks!! :flag: