alpine v12 5 channel


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Feb 15, 2004
what do you guys think about that amp? i hear one playing in my friends hummer today, it sounded freakin gorgeous, but the subs overpowered the sound of the system which i dont want at all, was it just his full ranges that were weak? because when you turned the bass up it totally made the music fade, are these pretty reasonable amps or are the kenwoods i have been looking at better, the good thing about this one is that i could power my whole system on one amp. yay or nay?
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i have a v12 5 channel and imo is an outstanding piece of equiptment. what type of subs are in your friend's vehicle? the sub channel is rated @ 150 rms and i am trying to find a sub that will respond well off of 150 watts. i am running 4 boston nx 5x7's off the four channels, all i need now is a sub.
btw, Alpine makes top quality gear. let me know about that sub.
What do you mean by "when you turned the bass up it made the music fade"? If you were only turning up the bass, then it would seem reasonable that it would eventually get overpowering.

If it was overpowering the music during normal listening, there may have been a bass boost or something in an EQ setting on the headunit that caused it.
im running two 12" type r's
i guess that bass thing made sense, we just cranked the bass not the volume, but may i remind you i am new to systems and connections are made very well sometimes