Aluminum 2v build, 300/300 at the wheels goal?

So I recently was given an explorer short block for free, and I’m planning on building it up with the goal of making 300whp and 300wft-lb in a usable powerband without boost or nitrous. Currently, I’ve got the short block stripped down, revealing a block that still has cross hatching and no wear rings at the top (still going to hone), plus a crank that will only need a polish to be usable. I’ve also got a set of 3v pistons headed my way, an almost complete set of Comp Cam springs, and dibs on a set of PI heads I plan to have ported and a set of degreed HiTech Stage II cams. I would be reusing the ported and polished 75mm dragon plenum, 75mm throttle body, 89mm CAI, and 2.5” dual exhaust I’ve already got on my car as well.

From my understanding, this combination should give me 11.4:1 compression, and I’ll want to have those pistons notched as well. Will this combination let me reach my power goals without putting peak power drastically outside my usable powerband? I’ve also got 24lb and 28lb injectors to choose from, I’ll be running 93 and I don‘t know which of the sets I’ve got currently I’ll want/need for the new motor.
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