always a problem.


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Apr 16, 2003
so while i just went in for a pulley swap and a tune, come to find out that my blower is blowing oil all ovet the intercooler and inside the piping. this means that a internal seal has failed and the blower has to go back to paxton for a fix.

my problem is that this already happend the first time i put the blower on the car! same seal leak!!!!! what the hell is going on? :shrug: the blower was brand new and has only been on the car for maybe 4000 miles and a year and a half.

i bought it new cause i didnt want these problems. anyway, what could be causing an internal seal to keep leaking even after repair? i was thinking heat but what could be wrong that is causing this?

any ideas guys? have any of you ever heard of this happening?
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if im lucky that all it is but i would think a company like paxton would have done the proper repair. i would love it if your right.

it is just a very bad sign that the same seal needs to be replaced. that makes me think, is there anything that i may have done wrong to make this happen? maybe install wise or useage wise.:shrug:

i still think a novi 2000 should be able to withstand a lot of abuse, again one reason i went with this blower. im not even hard on it. wondering about heat. maybe things are getting too hot. i just dont know why that would happen.
my builder said he dont think its anything like that and he never really sees this
im not sure to be honest. my old builder who couldnt get the gar to run right when he first put the blower combo all together was saying i was having heating issues. it was about a year and a half ago so i kind of forget exactly what he said but it was something about the air charg being to hot. i also think he was saying the under hood temp was getting too hot. the problem is that the car would stall out and the idel would drop real low. he thought it was due to heat

however, since he couldnt get the car to run right i want to another tuner. those are the guys i am currently with. anyway, they moved my o2 sensors closer to the long tubes and the car ran a lot better. they said the opposite that the 02s were not getting hot enough! i dont know who to listen to lol!

anyway, i would think paxton could inspect this blower and tell me a little something about why this may be happening. if there is something like the mating surface that is damaged i would think they could see it. i hope they would be able to repair it:eek:.

i mean, if that was the case, i dont know if it was anything to do with me or if the blower was just faulty to begin with.
Is it still under warranty?

If the surface is warped slightly, it may not even be visible to the eye, yet enough not to cause an even mating surface. Just a suggestion... may not even be the case.
yea i have one month left on the warrenty. however, this should be a documented case with paxton since it was in 1.5 years ago for the same thing. no its a great suggestion! if that is the case i hope paxton can tell and fix it right this time. maybe i should start pushing for a new unit. really, it been there twice in the past 2 years. i sent it back as soon as i put on the car at first. if i get it back this time im willing to see how it goes however, then my warrenty will be over.

wonder if they will honer the warrenty after its done because this is a consistant problem? LEMON! i will have to try to find that out
YOOO... I'm baaackkk... Long time no hear! Looks like you've really added to the car since I last saw you. congrats on that and welcome to the fight to keep the stang alive! I would DEMAND to have a full replacement blower since it's the second time seal failure. I did that with my SQ Trim and Vortec sent me a brand new one. See what Paxton has to say about that.

Otherwise, welcome to the 500 HP club! Nice to see another local with real power.

Now, if I could only get my rear control arms to stop breaking, I could drive mine! LOL!
hey man, whats up! your right it has been a long time. hows everything? i know, the labor to take it off and on, then clean out the intercooler cause its filled with oil, and the shipping costs, are all starting to add up for me because of their part failure. yes this being the second time what makes me think they can fix it this time. they already had a crack at it. maybe since they are owned by vortech they will send me a new one too. i guess i could give it a try.