Anderson Ford Motorsport cam specs?


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Apr 2, 2005
I am in need of the specs for my Anderson cam. I bought the car w/it in there & didn't get the cam card. I know the lift is .524/.544 & the car has 1.7 RRs. Based on the idle, the lsa has to be 112.

I only saw one in the list in the post on the corral w/my lift numbers, but it is for 1.6 RRs.

Anyone have any info for me?
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I had a customer in a similar postion, I called gave him the lift number my guy had and we narrowed it down.... Once I got the motor apart I was able to confirm it with the numbers engraved on the cam. Brian K or Rick should help you out...
So the lobe lift should be around .308" on the intake side.

.308" x 1.6 = .493"

The lobe lift should be around .320" on the exhaust side.

.320" x 1.6 = .512"

Try not to judge the lobe seperation angle by the LSA.:) There are many factors that can effect the idle characteristics.

- Idle Speed
- Tune
- Induction
- Exhaust style/type/size
- Etc.

Besides, the LSA can be figured in many different ways.

5+5 = 10
7+3 = 10

Average them both, and you get the same average of 5, but yet there are two different ways to get the 5 average. Pretend 5 is the LSA. So...

Take the Z303 camshaft with an intake opening at 7* BTDC and an intake closing at 41* ABDC.

7+41+180 = 228* (duration). Divide that by 2 and you get 114*. Subtract the intake opening BTDC and you get 107* on the intake side for the intake centerline.

Now go to the exhaust side...

Exhaust Opening is:

Exhaust Opening: 51* BBDC
Exhaust Closing: 3* BTDC

51-3 = 48. 180 + 48 = 228/2 = 114*. 114* + 3* = 117*

So take the intake centerline and the exhaust centerline for each lobe.

107 + 117 = 224/2 = 112 LSA for the Z303 camshaft.

Take a completely different camshaft, the B303 with events of:

Intake Opening: 5* BTDC
Intake Closing: 39* ABDC
Exhaust Opening: 49* BBDC
Exhaust Closing: 5* BTDC

It has an LSA of 112* as well.

But, both of them have completely different valve events. The camshafts will behave quite differently.