Another exhaust Q?


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Oct 17, 2002
Just looking at exhaust options and I am wondering if I go with JBA shorties (I already know the advantage to long tubes, I've read the forum enough!) matched up with a prochamber will I be making as much or close to as much as long tubes with a regular h or x pipe? I know the prochamber made great power on the 5.0 cars but haven't heard how much they are helping on our cars. If I can't go with long tubes would I be just as far ahead to keep the stock manifolds and just buy a prochamber? Thanks for the help.:nice:
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No it wont. Long tubes are really the only way to go, the scavenging from long tubes allows a more aggressive timing curve making a hell of a lot more power. Shorties and a "hi-flow" mid pipe will net you a round 10 peak HP and possible 6-8 across the rpm range with a good tune. Long tubes even with a catted pipe can net you 30 HP with a good 15-17 across the rpm range maybe more.