Another NSG thread 93/AOD with a C4 NSS

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Nov 16, 2019
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I'm hoping somebody can help reassure me that I'm hooking my NSS (NSG for newer cars) up correctly. I have an old Bronco with a C4 that I swapped in the engine and harness from a 1993 5.0 AOD. So I am using the Mustang engine with the old C4. I performed this swap over 20 years ago and it works fine except I have to trick it to pull KOER codes.

My current setup is the original Bronco start circuit which uses Red/Light Blue wires on both sides of the NSS. The NSS works correctly and only allows crank in park and neutral.

The 5.0 from the AOD car uses Lt blue/Yellow (pin 30) and Grey/Red (pin 46) wires to detect if in park or neutral. I currently have bullet connectors on the Lt blue/Yellow and Grey/Red wires and plug them together to trick the computer so I can run KOER tests.

I now want to remove the bullet connectors and wire the Lt blue/Yellow and Grey/Red into the NSS circuit so it will pull KOER when in park while also protecting it from cranking when not in park.

Both of the wiring diagrams I have seen show a path from ignition through the NSS. To me it looks like I can make a parallel connection and splice the Lt blue/Yellow and Grey/Red wires into the Red/Light Blue wires and all will work correctly. Can it be that easy? My concern is that when I hit the starter it's going to send 12V to both the Lt blue/Yellow and Grey/Red wires as well as to the starter solenoid. Is the computer designed to handle this or do I have to come up with a relay setup of some kind to isolate the two circuits?


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