Another one takes a hit

I'm usually more active on Brad's site, but it's down and I had to share/vent.

Saturday I was out for a drive around town, nice day, I was taking it easy. I was in the left lane approaching an intersection, nice bright green lights staring at me from overhead. All of a sudden I see a crappy blue Escort coming in from the right side, in front of me. Lock up the breaks (Don't know why no ABS. but I left tire marks) and end up nailing her right between the drivers side doors. She spins out and ends up stuck on the median to the left, I end up facing her in the lane she was in. Witnesses all around, all saying she ran the red light. I got lots of comments about how that sucks it was such a nice looking car. I almost stayed home to paint the brackets on my MRT hood strut kit, then install it. Kinda wish I had now.

I'm waiting for the appraiser to look at it today or tomorrow, and make a determination. I don't know if the front rails got bent, but all the other front metal is hurt, including having the front left quarter pushed back into the drivers door. I had to climb out of the passenger side.

I kinda hope they don't total it, because I love Sonic Blue, and don't like vVB that much. But if I have to take a brand new car, I guess I can figure some way to live with it. Just hope I can get my mods off of the old car and put them back on the new one.

Here are the pics I took yesterday.


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2 more pics.

If the work is going to cost more than 65% of the value, they total it here in LV. If they do, I guess I can go get a new one. Might buy this one back though, and get it fixed, or part it out. The drivetrain would be cool in a Cobra, and I am sure I could sell most of the other parts on e-bay pretty easily. ;)


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Oh man. That's terrible. Sorry about your car. I don't want to sound sexist or anything, but I've been in accidents twice now and both times it was women in little cars running red lights. I feel your pain, brother. :(
yep, the frame rails are hammered. that sucks. i am sorry to read about your car, but it is a good thing that you are okay. i hope that everything works out in your favor.
Well if it's not totalled, just think of all the astetic mods that insurance will help pay for.

Either way 6 months from now I suspect you will be driving an even nicer stang. Sorry about all the BS, but I bet we end up with a happy ending
:( Oh good lord no... Thankfully you're ok. Any pics of underneath for frame damage? I'm thinking that'll be the kicker, if not..I don't know, it could be saved. Best of luck going forward.
Just got the word, it's been determined to be a "Total Loss". Too bad, because it's still a really nice car from the firewall back.

And now I'm going to have to go pull the parts I just put on it, so I can save them for the next one.

I'll be talking with the loss adjuster in the next couple of days to determine how much I get out of it, and what my options really are. I was told I could buy it back at the salvage price, and fix it myself, but I would only do that if I was just looking at the drivetrain for a cobra kit or something, and I can't afford that just yet. But if anyone needs MyColor, or anything else I had in mine, you should be able to get them soon through That's where it's sitting now, although I think it's still my car, until the paperwork's all done.