Antique License plates anyone?

I think Im going to get antique license plates (Illinois). I have been paying for the regular type for years, and since I am down to driving it about 3-500 miles a year, it seems reasonable. They say those plates are for going to shows or service stations only. But since I almost never go to shows, and do all the service myself, who is going to argue?

Anyone else have antique plates?
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In New York they'll allow one to use vintage plates that are correct with the year of the car, but the car has to be registered as a "historical vehicle", and noted as such on the insurance card, with a maximum annual mileage of 2K.

I am still in the hunt for a pair of '67 plates, but I am looking for a set with a nice letter/number combo.
We must be pretty lucky here in NC - As long as we have the "Real" plate in the car somewhere (can be the trunk for all they care) you can run any plateyou wish. This is only on cars that are 35years or older. Also, no inspection is required in this state. Just my .02... :)
in Texas all you have to do isbring plates from the year when the car was produced and as long as they are in good shape you can use them with no restrictions whatsoever. Got them on 4 out of 5 of my old cars.
Every state has different laws concerning these plates. Make sure the laws are what you can live with.

Vintage plates are available in a variety of places, swaps, online etc. You can even find some that were never used.

I bought a really nice set and marched down to the DMV to register tham to my car, and found out the letter prefix on the plate was now being used for veterans, so I couldn't use those plates. Be aware that not all plates will be usable because of special interest plate prefixes.