Any One Familiar With Sound Stream


New Member
Mar 30, 2005
Hey i am thinking of going with sound stream 15 inch sub amp etc is anyone familiar with sound stream do they make a good product and info would be great.
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I have had a few Soundstream Amps over the years and was always impressed by their rock solid stability. They always seemed so bullitproof to me. I still have a Soundstream 2 channel amp that I bought back in 1993 that is functional.

I am currently running a SOUNDSTREAM RUBICON RUB300-2 for my one 10 inch MTX subwoofer in a Thunderform box. It's puts out more power than I need and I find myself scaling the gains and input levels back.

Dunno bout the woofers, but I really like the amps. Good Luck.
ChingonStang said:
I have owned quite a few soundstream amps over the years, never noticed any quality issues. Can't say the same for other amp companies...

Go find a Class A 10.0 or a Reference 1000 and see if anything built since about 1993 can hold a candle. You're in for a surprise.