Mach 1 Anybody go from an LS1 f-body to a Mach 1?

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Bad Azz cars, the Machs !!

Here lately in Houston the '03's w/ a 5 speed are being advertised for around 22K after rebates. :flag:

Dunno about interest rates, though.

I would need an auto, and the other day when I searched I did not see any.

The black auto I drove hauled azz vis a vis my SOTP meter ! :p

Problem is : resale value of our cars.

The Ford dealer wanted to SIIMP :eek: :jaw: on trade in - thanks, but no.

I think I'll just hang onto the SS, though - about another year - year & a half & shes is paid for ! :banana:

(She = Christine ! Crazy gal, she is. :D She makes me drive like a maniac ! :rlaugh: )

My .02.

I did!

I had a 2001 SS 6spd. I really only miss the t56 but other than that I love my Mach and (I hate to dsay this) but i do not miss my SS with it's oil consumption(bad ring, I had to change #1 cylinder sparg plug every two weeks), piston slap, clutch problem, power window problem and ofcourse couldn't run et srteets because of the glass rear end. The LS1 motor DOES run hard (my other friends LS1).
I have had oil consuption problems too. The dealer replaced the rings at 32k miles and after that it started using a quart of oil every 1k miles. At this moment my car is undergoing another oil consumption study and I'm getting tired of it. :mad:
Am getting ready to I think want somethign new. Ford is my other choice thanks Gm. Love my 98 TA thought. It was running 8.2's in the 1/8 last year. Not to bad for a bolt on car. Never had any problems either 98's seem to not have alot of the later eyars problems. Later
I had a 94 Firebird Formula. Can't get a new Camaro or Firebird now, GTO is too plain looking. Tried the Mach1 and loved it right away.

Unlike some of the posters above, I had no serious problems with my GM in 135,000 miles. A rodent of some kind built a nest on the engine while I was out of town and when the leaves and stuff dried out enough, it burst into flames.

I hope the Mach1 gives me as much long term enjoyment as my Firebird did. I know I like the sound better :) And, boy is it quick!